Innocents Lost

A New Begining

Things have changed. Our group of comrades find themselves adrift in a sea of questions with few answers. What has happened to the prince? Who is the mysterious red haired woman? Who the hell are these matrix looking guys? Did we really travel back in time or was it an illusion? The world around them is changing rapidly. Will they be able to adapt in time?

First Night

Attending a stunning Ball, the new Childe of Rapture gave their allegiances to Prince Dimitri. The Prince decided to reward the loyal service of his Sheriff, Lucas Valentine, by presenting him with domain over the new Kindred. Lucas has provided temporary shelter to the young Vampires, allowing them 30 days to find their own Havens.
The Following night as instructed, the new Kindred meet at the Lord Sheriff’s office. On his way Joseph encountered a black sedan that seemed to be trailing him. A few quick decisions and his apparent tail was lost. Reaching the Sheriff’s you learned about a rash of ritualistic murders, mostly involving human children, occurring at the cities docks. The Sheriff has tasked them with uncovering the source behind the murders. Leaving the office of the Sheriff the courtier made their way across the city to the main docks. Meanwhile, Tristan unintentionally attracted the attention of a Rapture Police Officer. Forgetting himself, Tristan handed over his Driver’s License. Once the results returned, a chase across the city was on. Using highly tuned reflexes Tristan made good his escape. The police however, still have his license and every license has to have an address….

A quick investigation of the docks revealed a pool of blood and a teddy bear. A quick conversation and a little Dominate gathered some more information off a nearby rent-a-cop along with the docks security tapes. Tristan decides to take a sample of the blood and leaves to run a series of tests in hopes it may provide a clue. Thanks to the use of……., the party was able to see the ghostly figure of a young girl. The apparition led our party through a series of twists and turns under the docks until they finally reached a large open room. There they discovered the flayed body of a young girl. To the horror of all, the girl wasn’t dead yet! Diming the lights resulted in an ear piercing scream and the disappearance of the girl’s body. The only clue was a symbol drawn in blood on the wall, infinity with a lock in the center.

After the ordeal at the docks the group returns to Ruby’s apartment to view the security tapes. Meanwhile outside, Joseph spots a black sedan with tinted windows. With some quick thinking Ruby decides to bribe some nearby gang bangers to vandalize the sedan. Feeling venerated they return to watch the tapes. The security tapes reveal the rent-a-cop carrying something large and dropping it into a sewer grate. With sun rise only minutes away the new Kindred are forced to return to the safety of their havens. When the sun sets the investigation continues…..

My Last Sunrise

Your last sunrise was just over a year ago. The purple and red hues of the sky, the smell of the early morning air, all gone. Nothing left of them now but memories, ghosts of a past that will haunt you for eternity. You have moved beyond your mortal shell into something…different. The frailty of the human body is gone, replaced by super human ability. Air, water, food, these things no longer hold meaning for you. All that matters now is the blood. Everything you do and have done since that last sunrise has been for the blood. However, your not alone in there. Some where deep inside you is a creature, a beast, clawing at your insides. Release it and you will be more powerful than you could imagine though any shimmer of compassion, or humanity that you still retain would be lost.

This is your burden, your curse, your gift. Everlasting life is yours for as long as you can keep it and for as long as you can continue existing with your past. You have spent the last year learning the ways of the Kindred. In a few nights you will be presented to Kindred society, not as a childe but as a mature Vampire. Your night quickly approaches, will you be ready…….?

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