Innocents Lost

My Last Sunrise


Your last sunrise was just over a year ago. The purple and red hues of the sky, the smell of the early morning air, all gone. Nothing left of them now but memories, ghosts of a past that will haunt you for eternity. You have moved beyond your mortal shell into something…different. The frailty of the human body is gone, replaced by super human ability. Air, water, food, these things no longer hold meaning for you. All that matters now is the blood. Everything you do and have done since that last sunrise has been for the blood. However, your not alone in there. Some where deep inside you is a creature, a beast, clawing at your insides. Release it and you will be more powerful than you could imagine though any shimmer of compassion, or humanity that you still retain would be lost.

This is your burden, your curse, your gift. Everlasting life is yours for as long as you can keep it and for as long as you can continue existing with your past. You have spent the last year learning the ways of the Kindred. In a few nights you will be presented to Kindred society, not as a childe but as a mature Vampire. Your night quickly approaches, will you be ready…….?



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