Dimitri Talbot (MIA)

Tall, dashing, brown haired Russian prince


This guy puts you in mind of a dashing Cavalier. He has beady brown eyes. His thick, straight, medium-length hair is the color of creamed coffee, and is worn in an utilitarian, severe style. He is very tall and has a slender build. His skin is light-colored and he has a wide chin with large hands. His wardrobe is professional and mysterious, with a completely burgundy color scheme.


Dimitri created Rapture, even before the first building was constructed. He influenced the cattle that was to build his vision of utopia. Subtle manipulations, monetary donations, and certain mysterious disappearances all came together to create the vision that was Rapture. Today the city has fallen far from the Utopia imagined, and for that matter so has the Prince. Many whisper in dark corners that he has gone mad, that watching his vision crumble before him has left him even more hollow than any kindred should ever be. It is for this reason that he is to be feared and respected. While he has moments of great generosity, they are paled by moments of pure madness and hatred. Treed lightly around the prince, for those steps may be your last.

Dimitri Talbot (MIA)

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