A tall, man with shoulder length black hair and a romanian accent


Lazarus is tall, really tall. He towers over most other Kindred at 6’10" tall with a medium build and his presence is very imposing. He has raven black, shoulder length hair and unusually eyes. In fact, no one really knows what color his eyes are as they seem to change. Whether this is do to contacts or something else, no one can be sure. His voice is what gives away his origins. A Romanian accent reveals his past in the east. As fitting a Kindred of his station, his clothing choice is usually a suite, gloves, a top hat, and cane.


Lazarus is a mystery to most Kindred as few know his true origins. We do know that he was embrassed sometime during the mid 1600s period and it was indeed in Romania. Other than that, his past is a mystery to all except Lucia. It is no secret among the Kindred that Lucia and Lazarus are good friends, often meeting together. Neither will reveal the nature or depth of this relationship however.

Joining the Ordo Dracul sometime around the late 1600s to early 1700s he quickly rose through its ranks to his present title, Philosopher of Elysian. Tonight he leads the Ordo Dracul in Rapture. Perhaprs the most suprising facotr is that he is part of Clan Gangrel.


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