A Daeva of beguiling beauty and presence.


Standing at 5 feet, 10 inches tall – her weight and age untold (because you never ask a lady those questions), Ruby maintains her long dark ruby hued hair. Watching the world through violet peepers, she likes to indulge in a little mortal act of addiction. Keeping the secret hidden on a platinum chain with a vial decorated with the etching of the Daeva Clan symbol; rose and dagger.


No longer just the trophy daughter of her father. The arm candy that use to stand prettily beside her mortal matriarch, Ruby is a Daeva of beauty and presence.

Born into wealth and educated in society, Ruby started her young mortal life (before the age of 18) seducing the older business partners and friends of her parents. Satisfying their sensual appetities while keeping her well fed on glittery baubles and coutre outfits, she waded into their high class streams where she was pulled aside by the man she now calls Sire.

Her Sire knew her parents well. The Daeva that made her had once eyed her mother, a fading beauty who now worshiped the botax needle and gave tithing to the great gods of plastic surgery. Her father was of no consequence, so with his own plans in mind, the Daeva took action. He offered her life eternal. Never should her beauty fade. Never should she have to bow down to the ‘gods’ of her mother. Ruby bit the apple handed to her and now is a willing, loyal member of the Daeva clan. Vowing her life, blood and powers to their demands while still satisfying her love of baubles and coutre.


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