Delilah Cole (MIA)

Average height with stunning beauty


Delilah is of average height and stunningly beautiful even for a Daeva. Her dark brown hair is pulled back and held in a short ponytail by a jeweled barrette. Her jade green eyes entrance any who dare look into them, male or female. She almost always wears an elegant dress or is otherwise dressed in high fashion.


Delilah cam to the states from London, England. The exact date of her embrace is unknown and if asked she always responds with, “a noble lady never reveals her age”. Why she left England and risked the dangerous trip to the states is also unknown and if asked will immediately end the conversation and take her leave. A few whisper of Dioblery as the reason she left London but none can prove anything past idle suspicions.

Delilah loves two things, Fashion and grand parties. If you need to find her just look for the biggest fashion show or the nights hottest party as she always makes an appearance. She’s also known for hosting her own parties which are by special invitation only.

Delilah Cole (MIA)

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