Desmond Lance

A short, blond haired man in a finely tailored suite


Desmond is around 5’7" with an average build and short blond hair. His deep blue eyes are the most distinguishing feature and haven seduced more than one woman in their time. Desmond’s most noticeable feature is his attitude. He moves, speaks, sits, eats, and probably uses the bathroom with an air of superiority. All are beneath him and he ensures they know it.


Desmond only recently became a Liege Lord in the city. His service in putting down the Blood Doll Rebellion earned him the eye of the prince and with that comes it’s rewards. Prior to his current station Desmond was a mere tenant within the domain of Lucia Trueblood. During this time he was known to miss his blood rent, refuse to perform tasks requested by the Vassal, and behave in a most inappropriate manner to those above his station. For this Lucia revoked his rights as tenant and effectively removed him from society by declaring him an “outlaw” in her domain.

Desmond disappeared for a decade after this, re-emerging at the very hight of the Blood Doll Rebellion with a ghoul by the name of Jillian Hastings. Together the two led a small army of cattle against the blood dolls and managed to succeed where others had failed. After, he was awarded the title of Liege Lord. It was also at this time he joined the Lance Sanctum and quickly rose to a position of authority.

Tonight Desmond rules his Domain with an iron fist. Kindred under his control are taxed the heaviest and suffer the most abuse. Humans in his part of the city fair little better. Desmond turned his “army”, a street gang by the name of ‘Locos 13’ onto the local population demanding ‘protection money’. Many of the Primogen oppose Desmond especially Lucia Trueblood.

Desmond Lance

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