Diego (MIA)

A tall, defined man with long unkempt hair and a short beard


Diego stands 6’2" tall with long brown hair and a well defined build. He has a short well kept beard for a Gangrel and dark, almost lifeless, brown eyes. Diego almost always wears tattered jeans, a light long sleeved shirt, and sandals regardless of the time of year.


Diego was one of the first Kindred along with the Prince in Rapture. Together, along with the sheriff they managed to either kill, run off, or force into submission the other supernaturals that tried to claim Rapture as their own. Due to this service, the Prince awarded him with a piece of his domain.

Despite his rough appearance and Gangrel reputation, Diego is actually an astute negotiator. On several occasions he has been called on by the Prince to negotiate between to rival Kindred. This proved invaluable to the Prince during the Blood Doll Rebellion. Thanks to his negotiating skills Diego managed to unite all the kindred under one banner and help end the revolt.

Diego (MIA)

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