Jacqueline Victor

Deformed, Decaying, Disgusting


Jacqueline was once a strikingly beautiful woman, nothing could be farther from the truth today. The curse of the Nosferatu has twisted her image into the stuff of nightmares.


Jacqueline used to be the very best high society had to offer. She was rich, well mannered, and exceptionally beautiful. unfortunately she also had an attitude of superiority and displayed extreme cruelty to her attendants. Because of this her sire turned her. He saw it as saving her soul, believing the lesson would bring her closer to god, he was right. After decades of self pity and sorrow she followed her sires wish and joined the Lancea Sanctum. Over the years she became a devoted, almost fanatical follower of the religion.

It was her connections in the church that granted her the rule of her own domain, even if it is underground. She is known among the upper crust of Kindred society as the “Gutter Queen”.

Jacqueline Victor

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