Lucas Valentine (MIA)

A wide, beefy looking man with a horrible taste in fashion


Lucas is of average height with short cut brown hair and brown eyes. He has very broad shoulders and a medium build giving him a rather imposing presence. Despite his ‘condition’ Lucas continues to be a habitual smoker. He also has a horrible sense of fashion, wearing suites that easily went out of style decades before.


Lucas was a Pinkerton Detective before the embrace and a dam good one at that. Lucas tracked down more outlaws and desperadoes than any other agent in the agencies history. This reputation led to the nick name ‘the bloodhound’ or ‘hound’ for short. One of his queries however proved to be a Kindred Mekhet. Despite extensive use of obfuscate, Lucas still managed to track him down. Rather than killing him, the Mekhet decided to embrace him and bring his skills to bear for the Kindred.

No one is sure how Lucas and Dimitri meet but they soon found each other beneficial. Before long Lucas found himself Sheriff in Rapture. The Pinkerton reputation always precedes him. Everyone knows that if Lucas is looking for you, your already found you just don’t know it yet. During the Blood Doll Rebellion Lucas’s tracking abilities proved invaluable when locating the traitorous Kindred.

Lucas Valentine (MIA)

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