Lucia Trueblood (MIA)

Very tall woman with long black hair and a soft, nurturing voice


Lucia is a very tall woman, standing around 6’4" tall. She has long, black hair that flows down just passed her shoulders. He deep brown eyes seem to look through your very soul “if you still had one!”. A slightly muscular build reveals that she kept herself in good shape. Lucia’s most noticeable trait however, is her voice. Her words seems to put all around her at ease and almost create a sense of euphoria.


Lucia is a dark and mysterious Mekhet, even more so than her clans reputation may suggest. She has an obsession for the occult and over the course of several decades has managed a rather extensive collection of Occult artifacts, magical weapons, and ancient tomes. Her connections with the Museum of Natural History has helped her in this quest of acquisition. Lucia also has a reputation as a powerful witch. This is not surprising as she is the High Priestess of the Circle of the Crone. Her powers have been called on by the Prince in several occasions, the most recent being the Blood Doll rebellion.

No one knows Lucia’s origins or who her Sire was. She arrived in the city around the early 20th century and rose to power almost overnight. Many claim she has the power to overthrow the Prince whenever she sees fit to do so. Other claim this is merely the elder Kindred fearing powers they don’t understand. Either way few would dare challenge her should something happen to the prince and she decide to assume power.

Lucia Trueblood (MIA)

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