The Hatter

Tall, thin, completely insane


The Hatter is a tall, thin man with small beady eyes. He has long black hair that hangs over his shoulders and a small, almost fragile build. He always wears outlandish clothing, mostly from the Victorian period and is never without his hat.


The Hatter is perhaps one of the most interesting Kindred in all of Rapture. Without dispute the oldest Kindred int he city, no one is really sure when he fell into madness or if he has always been this way. The Hatter believes himself to be the Mad Hatter from the children’s tale ‘Alice in Wonderland’.

Living on the very outskirts of the city, the Hatter makes his Haven in a sprawling mansion surrounded by an equally massive garden. The garden contains a number of topiaries trimmed into various figures from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ with whom he converses with frequently. He is rarely seen outside his mansion except for gatherings of court and special functions and when he dose travel freely, chaos usually follows.

Desmond above all other Kindred despises the Hatter and has moved on more than one occasion to have him banished from the city. On the other end of the spectrum Lucia treats him with great respect and see’s him as a Kindred that should be honored. This has earned her the slanderous nickname “Alice”, which the Hatter has adopted when addressing her.

The Hatter

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