Victor Blacke

A well groomed man with an air of high society


Victor is of average height with chestnut brown hair that he always keeps neatly groomed. His green eyes always seem to look through you, almost like he can see through the social veil and know the true you. He is of medium build and always wears a finely tailored Italian suite.


Victor has the least demons of any kindred in the city, at least on the surface. As far as anyone knows he achieved the position of Lord Privy Seal simply by obeying those above him and completing the tasks asked of him. It was this squeaky clean and loyal reputation that earned him the position from Dimitri.

Victor is diligent in his charge and always fulfills the Princes requests. He runs day to day operations in a fair yet firm manner and is generally well liked among the Kindred. The only one who seems to have a problem with Victor is the sheriff. Lucas doesn’t buy the loyalist act and feels that Victor is either hiding something or plotting his own rise to power.

Victor Blacke

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