Blood Doll Rebellion

The Blood Doll Rebellion began in June of 1991 and involved a city wide conflict. A number of blood dolls in the city revolted and demanded they be turned into Kindred. This of course was forbidden by the Prince. The issue should have died their except the blood dolls had the support of the Carthians. Together the traitorous Kindred and the Blood Dolls attacked Kindred sensitive targets around the city attracting the media’s attention. The Carthians believed the Prince would fold if the Masquerade was threatened. The only thing that kept the media from revealing the hidden society was the excellent connections Dimitri had within the local news agencies.

The hidden war raged between the two sides for nearly 6 months resulting in the death of human and Kindred alike. Having the day time advantage, the Blood Dolls began to target Kindred Havens, breaking in during the day and giving them final death. Lucia Trueblood and the Circle of the Crone lead the charge using their magic to gain the upper hand. Maintaining the masquerade however severely stifled the use of disciplines and blood magic. The Prince then turned to contacts within the Police to handle the human element of the Rebellion. Unfortunately the Police turned out to be less than competent and were unable to offer any real assistance.

It seemed as though the Prince had lost control until Desmond returned with his gang of street thugs. Together with the ‘Locos 13’ the loyalists captured or killed the traitors and murdered every last blood doll within the city. The entire conflict was reported in the human media as a ‘local gang war’ and none were the wiser.

Following the conflict, Dimitri outlawed the use of blood dolls and executed those who had turned against him. The Carthians were allowed to remain though under an ever watchful eye of suspicion. Desmond was rewarded for his deeds by not only being re-instated into Kindred society but by awarding him his own domain. The award of domain was questioned by all three Primogen but despite their objections remained.

Blood Doll Rebellion

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